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2 Luxe

Truly unique pieces of glamour. Combined

with natural leather seating, it oozes luxury.

What’s not to love about the gold and copper

trend? It complements so many colour

schemes and styles, while adding a luxurious

glow to the room.

16 Raw Wood

Raw celebrates the beauty of wood. With live

edge detailing, wood is brought back to its

raw origin. Combinations of stools carved from

the roots of the teak tree, natural hide and boat

wood all create a natural robust look.

66 Curves

Our signature and bestselling style is curvy.

Steel, mango, oak in various styles and

shades, but always with sexy curves.

86 Coast

Soft grey wood, natural driftwood, and white

or grey cottage dining, bed and living are key

ingredients for a coastal look.

126 Soft Industrial

Steel and wood combinations are the base of

any industrial style. Our soft industrial range

covers many styles but always in the same

wood and steel combo

148 Seat

Key seating in Vegan Leather and Velvet

168 Bar

With home entertaining in the lift, our bar

section is a great excuse for a party

184 Decor