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Beautifully designed objects, sourced with knowledge, attention and care
Our products are mainly made from solid timber. We use different types of timber, all from sustainable sources .
Each component is kiln dried to prevent warping and cracking.
All timber used for our furniture is finished to highlight the natural textures and knots of the wood, creating depth and
adding to the character of the product. A variety of oils and environmentally friendly finishes are
applied to complete the process.
All products are selected to develop a patina over time. They can be touched up with furniture wax as needed and
with each application the surface develops a harder, longer lasting finish. For daily care (and protection against
drying out in certain climates) we recommend a light application of any furniture polish that contains Carnauba wax.
River Mill II
Park Road
Dukinfield, Cheshire
United Kingdom
SK16 5PD
Tel: 0161 3308959
Fax: 0161 3308949
3 Main Street
Co. Down
Northern Ireland
BT24 8DN
Tel: 028 97561812
Fax: 028 97564435
Bluebone Limited reserve the right to print errors, withdraw products without
notice. Full terms and conditions are available on request. Reproduction of images
for use on the internet or any other media is strictly under prior agreement only.
Policy and agreement available on request and subject to terms and conditions.
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